Michael Carnegie




Marine wilderness Charity

At the moment I am applying to register a charity in the UK. This will allow me to raise funds and continue with conservation work within an officially recognised organisation.

Porthcothan 17:50
Cape clawless otters - Outer Kom
Yacha at New Pier
Simon at New Pier

North Beach bottlenose dolphins

Harlyn. View from the truck. Oct 2017


Board of trustees: Michael Carnegie, Angie Snelling, Tony Butt

The objectives of the charity are:

1 To continue developing an education programme that informs people about the problems conservationists in South Africa are facing up to and through outings into the outdoors encourages an awareness and appreciation of wild areas and wildlife.

2  Develop projects to help marine wilderness conservation.

3 Provide opportunities and a structure through which people can help conservation where their efforts will be productive and appreciated.

I am selling painting prints to raise money. Painting prints page

Prints are for sale at the Doghouse, St Merryn. or you can contact me - maocarnegie@gmail.com

Prints are £50 each. All funds raised by the sale of prints (£20 per print) is being placed in a charity bank account. The plan is for this to be used to buy land in South Africa to be managed as conservation areas.

So far £1 200 has been raised by the Marine Wilderness Charity through the sale of prints, donations and a charity night where the painting Porthcothan 17:50 was raffled along with other prizes.

See Conservation blog - May to Aug 2018 - Patagonia talk (Manchester) & Charity night (Doghouse)

I have also raised £20 000 independently and plan to use this to buy land in South Africa.

All funds raised are to be placed in the charity bank account and are to be used for conservation projects as stated at the time of fundraising. No one involved with the charity will be paid or use funds raised by the charity for any purpose other than what is stated at the time of fundraising.

If the charity does not manage to meet its objectives the funds raised will be given to an organisation or organisations doing similar work.

In the past my paintings have been used to raise money and awareness for conservation through various organisations - Paintings for wildlife page

At meetings with people from Plymouth University and Rhodes University (SA) I have discussed plans for working with international students to raise awareness and funds. Students and volunteers from various groups are also keen to help with education and managing land for conservation.